Choose The Right Family Law Attorney

It is important to hire an attorney for family law cases. Even in cases that seem simple, such as uncontested divorce, the legal process can get complicated. If you don't have a lawyer who understands Minnesota law and is looking out for your best interests, you may not end up where you want to be following a divorce or other family law issue.

Many family law cases involve children and the division of property or assets. These are some of the most important issues in your life. At Borgen Law, I work with clients on family law cases such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Restraining orders
  • Child protection

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in St. Cloud, Stearns County or Sherburne County, I'm available to help you navigate the complexities of family law and help you get the best result possible.

Making The Right Decisions For Your Children

Many divorces and family law cases involve children. Often the primary concern in a divorce case is for the wellbeing of the kids. Whether that means determining a child support payment that fits their needs or creating a custody arrangement that allows everyone to maintain a good relationship, I can help you create a plan that is best for your family.

Divorce is difficult, but it doesn't have to be contentious. I work with you to make the process go as smoothly as possible and work toward an agreement that is best for you and your children.

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