What To Do After A DUI

It is imperative to consult with an attorney if you are charged with DUI. Drunk driving charges can lead to severe penalties if you don't have someone on your side fighting for your rights. Attempting to navigate the charges without an attorney may mean you end up paying more in fines or spend unnecessary time in jail.

An experienced lawyer can help you navigate your options. Do not simply accept responsibility and take a plea deal or accept penalties as inevitable. There are options to explore getting your charges dropped or penalties reduced.

Penalties For DUI

The penalties you face for driving under the influence depend on the circumstances. Situations that may result in harsher penalties include:

  • Repeat offenses
  • Impairment causing an accident
  • If a passenger or other motorist was injured
  • Underage drinking and driving

All DUI charges should be taken seriously. In Minnesota penalties could include fines, a suspended license or jail time. However, there are ways to minimize the burden a DUI will place on your finances or freedom. If you simply take a plea deal or accept your charges, you may face unintended consequences and the case may affect you more than necessary.

At Borgen Law, I work with you to determine the best course of action given your charges.

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