Relationships Matter

Having worked as a public defender, I know how the criminal courts operate. Defending clients is not only about crafting a defense, it's about building relationships with people involved in the court system. I bring my experience working with judges, court clerks and prosecutors to my private practice.

My firm is located in St. Cloud, and I have defended clients against charges ranging from misdemeanors all the way up to attempted murder. I know the stress and fear that come with criminal charges. I work diligently to defend your rights and help you look toward a better future.

Don't Let Criminal Charges Derail Your Life

The penalties for criminal charges can be severe. That doesn't mean there is no hope if you are charged with a crime. I will help you explore the options to get your charges dismissed or lessened.

I have extensive trial experience and have worked with clients from a range of backgrounds. If your case goes to court, I will vigorously defend your rights from start to finish.

In addition to criminal cases, I'm experienced defending clients in family court. I know it can be intimidating to work with a lawyer, and I work to build trust and defend your rights with compassion.